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Goldstone Primary's Values and Ethos

Children at Goldstone Primary School enjoy learning and enjoy coming to school.  Teachers, parents and children have high aspirations and make exceptional progress as they go through the school. They develop knowledge and skills and the ability to apply these in creative and innovative ways. The curriculum at Goldstone is wide and balanced with children having opportunities to experience high quality lessons. The environment and atmosphere of our school are physically and emotionally supportive and stimulating.

The school has fabulous grounds which are used to help children develop sporting skills and a deep and appreciative understanding of the environment. Children at Goldstone are taught to respect difference and embrace the variety and richness which it brings and generates. Children are nurtured so that they grow into rounded, caring citizens valued for who they are and what they can do. Children at Goldstone feel safe and cared for.

We continuously adapt the way we work to meet the needs of individuals and groups. The school is well resourced in terms of people and equipment. We harness these resources to maximise access to learning and to create interest and motivation. Children participate in a bespoke education which meets their needs, their progress and attainment, are enhanced by accurate assessment and planning. Children have input to their learning and many other aspects of Goldstone.  They take pride in their achievements and pride in the school.

Children’s progress is carefully tracked and they and their families know what they must do to take their learning forward.  Our relationship with families is central and parents are encouraged to communicate with the school and to express their opinions in a variety of ways. Parents are welcome and are encouraged to participate in their child’s learning at home and in school. We inform our parents about how we work, run workshops and hold regular meetings to help them to understand the work being covered.

The school is part of several communities and takes part in local and city wide events in the arts and sport. Goldstone makes a positive difference in the local community and across the city. We share our expertise and resources with others and we accept advice from those we feel can help us.

Goldstone Primary School is a safe, happy and positive place where everyone grows and achieves. When people leave our school they feel that they have progressed and are sorry to go but equipped to move on.

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