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Hill Park Outreach & Inclusion Service

Hill Park (formerly Hillside) has a dedicated team of Outreach Teachers who support children with additional needs in mainstream schools. 

Our service operates two strands of outreach support SLD Outreach and Physical/Medical Outreach.

Pupils eligible for SLD Outreach must have an EHCP stating that they hav a severe learning difficulty, this is often described as a "global developmental delay". This service specifically supports a large number of pupils with Down Syndrome, in close liaison with the specialist Speech and Language Therapists.

Pupils eligible for Physical/Medical Outreach must be seen by at least two therapy services, speech and language, physiotherapy and occupational therapy or one of the services could be that they are under a specialist hospital service, et. Great Ormond Street Hospital, Evalina Children's Hospital.

Outreach Lead:                Marina Brewerton - marinabrewerton@hillpark.brighton-hove.sch.uk

Outreach Teachers:         Gillian Taylor - gilliantaylor@hillpark.brighton-hove.sch.uk

                                              Liz Martin - lizmartin@hillpark.brighton-hove.sch.uk 

                                              Julia Cornwell - juliacornwell@hillpark.brighton-hove.sch.uk

Useful Information

The referral pack consists of four documents:

* Referral form for schools to request support from the Outreach Service, if they meet our criteria

* Partnership Plan is a service level agreement between the school and outreach service

* Parent Leaflet is for the school to give to a parent to inform them of involvement from the outreach service with their     child

* Parent Protocol Leaflet is a document that can be adapted by the school to support an initial conversation with             parents of a child with additional needs. It should guide a conversation so that the parents and the school can         come to a shared understanding of what a school can offer and how expectations can be met to best meet the needs   of the child.


Support for making Reasonable Adjustments

Recording Proformas

Sleep Chart

Blank Recording Sheet

Toilet chart

ABC chart - to support understanding the function of a behaviuor

Care Plan - protocol for individuals who require support with Intimate or Personal Care.

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